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Barack Obama: Messiah, New World Order Henchman or True Force for Positive Change? Obama Conspiracy Theories: Fact or Fiction? Part 3

Part 3 of 3


Kat Starwolf

The Big Lie?

A lie told often enough becomes the truth.” ~ Vladimir Lenin
“…And the bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” ~ Adolf Hitler

Do we believe what we’ve been taught because it is true or because we wish to believe it? How do we know for sure that what we’ve been told is true, really is true? As most of us know, when some truism fits our intellectual paradigm, it is quite easy to believe, even if it is not true (this is the affect of Neptune at work). But does believing something is true, make it true? While it may be our truth, it is not necessarily THE Truth. Yet how does one go about convincing an entire nation or planet of people that a belief system that has been painstakingly force-fed to them over a period of some several hundred to several thousand years is, in fact, a BIG LIE, when the ‘truth’ of that lie has been covertly programmed into and securely hidden within everything they do, think and say?

Still, does the fact that this LIE cannot be easily seen, negate its authenticity?

As an example, although Americans have been taught that the United States is politically divided into Democrats, Republicans, Independents and at least 9 other political parties, does this mean that there are really 12 different political parties? If we look closely, it is evident that there seems to be an additional political party that includes the majority of the above mentioned parties, that most of us have not considered before now, and which the Secret Government seems to have done everything to keep us from learning about : the Illuminists. (see David Icke’s website for more in depth information on the Illuminati and other conspiracy theories, as well as The Illuminati and the New World Order, and Wikipedia).

The Illuminati and the Presidential Bloodlines

For those of you familiar with the Illuminati, you’re undoubtedly no stranger to the belief that all politicians are puppets of the ‘true’ rulers of the world. While this may sound ludicrous and virtually insane to those of you who don’t believe in what you might consider nonsense, there seems to be quite a bit of documented evidence which indicates that there may, indeed, be some truth to these allegations. (See also Alex Jones’s interview with David Icke on the current political state of the world’s countries.)

For instance, one of these allegations is that there truly are no presidential elections as we know them, but that elections are merely held to give the masses a false sense of having some say in who is placed in office; while presidents, in particular, are chosen based on bloodline and groomed from the time they are born to assume the presidency at the appropriate time. (See also Bush Family Tree)

Still, it’s certainly easy enough to make these claims, but is there any proof that might show that these claims do, in fact, have some merit? A good place to begin to determine whether this might be true is the election process.

‘Proof’ that the US Presidential Elections May Be Rigged?

It seems quite interesting that someone has gone to such a great deal of trouble to attempt to indirectly convince us that John Q. Public’s votes are important, while they seem to be simultaneously just as adamant that it’s actually the electoral votes which determine who will be president. So which is it? Who really elects the President of the United States? Is it the People, or is it the Politicians? What is the difference between the ‘popular vote’ and the ‘electoral vote’ when it comes to the presidential election? states that, “When Americans vote for a President and Vice President, they are actually voting for presidential electors, known collectively as the electoral college. It is these electors, chosen by the people, who elect the chief executive.” So, in other words, while a voter might choose to vote for a specific individual, in effect, he is not casting his vote for his presidential candidate of choice, but for another politician who may or may not vote for his presidential candidate of choice.

Why is the presidential election process so confusing? And why is it just this election and not, say, elections on a municipal/city, county or state level which require this indirect election process? Wouldn’t it be much easier if the American people, themselves, could vote directly for their candidate of choice?

From the back and forth jockeying throughout the history of presidential voting, it seems clear that…well, actually, nothing seems clear! While the politicians can make as many claims as they like regarding how presidents are actually elected and why it’s done this way, the fact that sometimes a candidate is elected based on the popular vote, and sometimes by the electoral vote seems highly suspect. Why not use one method or the other and explain to the People how this method actually works?

Only three times in the history of presidential elections have candidates lost the popular vote, yet won the electoral vote. And since the third occurrence happened in 2000 with the Bush/Gore faceoff, it makes one wonder if there isn’t something fishy going on behind the scenes; since, as many may remember, there was a ‘snafu’ in the ballot counting in Florida, causing a ‘recount’ of the votes and making George W. Bush the ‘clear’ winner.

Not. At least according to the Democratic Party.

Understandably, many Democrats were outraged and perplexed that Gore won the popular vote with 50,999,897 to Bush’s 50,546,002 and still managed to ‘lose’ because Bush won 271 electoral votes to Gore’s 266.

The point? The People wanted Gore, but the Politicians (read: Secret Government) wanted Bush. And the Politicians won. Does that sound as though your votes have much influence when it comes to electing a president?

While it might appear that the Popular (Peoples’) vote is what has historically carried the presidential elections at least 53 out of 55 (56?) times, the fact is, the same candidate with the higher number of Popular votes, also had a higher number of Electoral votes. So it wasn’t necessarily the People’s choice who won, but the Politician’s choice. Convenient?

(The exception to this rule is the 1824 election of John Quincy Adams, a Democrat-Republican. Adams actually lost both the Popular and the Electoral votes to Andrew Jackson, but the House of Representatives chose to give the election to Adams because Jackson “failed to earn a majority of electoral votes.” Yet, according to the official tally, Adams had only 84 Electoral votes to Jackson’s 91. Which means that Jackson should have won. At least based on the twisted logic of the Electoral College. So why didn't he stand as President? Confused?)

As far as Bush, Jr’s 2000 win is concerned, even if it were true that his win was legitimate, what about the ‘convenience’ of his winning the state of Florida, when Gore had clearly won it, and the fact that Bush’s brother Jeb just ‘happened’ to be the Florida governor at the time? Coincidence?

What does seem clear is that in spite of this historically pesky little problem with the paper ballots and the hanging chads and the National Bureau of Standards report which “recommended their elimination” over a decade before the 2000 election, regardless, someone didn't seem to want the balloting system replaced before the next presidential election. In a country that is as technologically advanced as the United States, one would think that as important as presidential elections are, this issue would have been given priority as soon as it was discovered. Why wasn't it?

Granted, I’m not a Political Science major, but the presidential election methodology has got to be the most convoluted, nonsensical mish-mash most of us – politicians included – have ever attempted to comprehend. Unless there is a method to the presidential election process of which the People are purposely not being informed.

If all of this hasn’t yet convinced you that someone is attempting to ‘fix’ the vote and that its direction is coming from a very high level, take a look at this video: Rigged USA Elections.
And for those who doubt the New World Order conspiracy….

Divide and Conquer

Yet, who will actually benefit from this New World Order? The American People? According to a conversation that film maker Aaron Russo had with his long-time friend, Nick Rockefeller, the best interests of the American Public and the World as a whole are not being taken into consideration. In fact, based on more documented proof, any illusion of rights we may have had, have gradually been taken away, to the point that if The Powers That Be have their way, it will soon be mandatory for ALL citizens to have an ID card and an identification chip inserted beneath their skin in order to better control them, which per Rockefeller, is the ultimate goal.

So how does all of this relate to Obama?

The Puppet Masters

Regardless of a person’s character, it is not uncommon for certain others to besmear his name for their own insidious purposes, and/or for still others to manipulate that individual into doing their bidding. Because of this, there are those who put quite a bit of stock in the conspiracy theories regarding presidents being puppets for the Puppet Masters or the true Powers That Be. Consequently, it is believed by many that President Obama couldn’t possibly have the nation’s or the world’s best interests at heart and that he may turn out to be the alleged Anti-Christ. Conversely, there are those who believe that Obama is ‘perfect’ or messiah-like, and that he truly walks on water.

However, what is the truth where Obama is concerned? Because there is so much mis- and disinformation, sometimes it is difficult to know. But if we make a concerted effort to separate the seemingly negative accusations from the possibly positive attributes – again based on his astrological natal chart as well as his actions – we might be better able to discern the truth.

Since we’ve already looked at some of his supposed ‘positive’ attributes, let’s now look at the negative accusations being leveled against him.

Obama Conspiracy Theories and Astrological Transits

It seems that there are always those who do not have our best interests at heart; whether personally, as a nation, globally or beyond. Americans have spent 8 long years under a regime that covertly and sometimes not so covertly took away rights that were supposedly equally available to all, especially since 9/11 (see also 1, 2, 3). In reality, these rights may have gradually been taken from us – both here in the United States, as well as around the world – since this country’s inception.

While many of those who have been labeled ‘conspiracy theorists’ have been ridiculed for their seemingly impossible declarations regarding various issues, especially involving governments and politicians, unfortunately, many of these so-called ‘conspiracy theories’ have proved to be accurate, though this was not determined until well after the fact and it was too late. So it’s not surprising that our imagination and our fears are working overtime. We’re all just a tetch jumpy where politicians’ promises are concerned, and many feel that they’ve lied to us, cheated us and raped us.

For the most part, we can all guess the mindset of the latest batch of conspiracy theories and from where they are originating. From the allegation that Obama was not born in the United States, and therefore is not eligible to legally run for or serve as President, to the question of his sexual orientation, to his true political affiliations, it seems that Obama is being vilified before he really has a chance to make his first mistake. But the probability is (based on the astrological transits), like many other conspiracy theories, there is little foundation to the majority of those conspiracy theories making the rounds thus far.

But what is fueling these accusations, besides prejudice and the fear of change?

Astrologically, there are a few aspects that might create the kind of atmosphere that would cause people to blow things way out of proportion. When transiting Chiron (wisdom) is conjunct or in the same sign as Neptune (spirituality, inspiration), idealism and spiritual development are foremost on everyone’s minds. When these planets are in Aquarius, the sign of idealism and community (as they have been since December of 2005), this effect is even stronger. We all want that change that President Obama has talked about. And we want it to be for the good of…well, not everyone may see a win/win situation in this scenario. All they know is that they want change, and if Obama isn’t exactly the one they had in mind to assist in effecting that change, they feel threatened.

The problem, however, is that Neptune also has a tendency to cloud our vision, confusing issues and making it difficult to tell if we’re truly following the right path. And depending on the aspects of these two planets to other planets/signs, additional issues and traits can be activated. For instance, when Chiron is quincunx (a frictive aspect) to Saturn (structure), the feeling is to ‘fight’ for the good of all, to be an activist for a just cause. This is fine, as long as we are seeing clearly what that cause is, and whether it is worth fighting for. Although everyone’s natal charts are aspected differently by transiting Chiron (or any transiting planet), the general affect is as stated above.

Another effect of Chiron (woundedness) conjunct Neptune (illusion) negatively aspecting our natal Mars (aggression, anger) is that we may feel like the victim (Chiron), become foolhardy and mislead ourselves into believing the rightness of our stance (Neptune), and might also act as though there’s a chip on our shoulder and become angry (Mars) if things don’t work out as we wish them to.

With these two planets quincunx Saturn (restriction, fear) – and especially if they are negatively aspecting either or both our natal Mars or Pluto, we may also tend to see shadows where there are none. Which is why for the sake of everyone, we should closely evaluate our reactions during a Neptune transit.

Another aspect that can be difficult is transiting Pluto (transformation) in Capricorn (work, discipline, structure) in the 3rd house. Normally this wouldn’t necessarily be the case. But because there is a contradiction between what the nation as a whole, wants (in depth transparency, accountability), and what the astrological transit seems predisposed to (secrecy), there will be some conflict. (Note that the interpretation of this transit is not referring to Obama’s chart or his own predisposition, but to the astrological transit chart for this particular day ((March 7, 2009)). As for transiting Pluto in aspect to President Obama’s chart, his 11th house of friends and community is being aspected. This causes him to be overly concerned with how he appears to others, which in turn may cause him to overreact.)

With transiting Pluto square or at a turbulent aspect to transiting retrograde Venus (love, money, values), this aspect creates a pressure cooker just waiting to blow…especially because of the economy (Venus). Everyone is on edge. Our relationships and finances are being affected and we’re even looking at our value systems. And with Venus retrograding until April 17th, many of us are likely to keep quite a bit inside until then, just letting it stew until we explode.

Because of this, it is very likely that with Saturn (structure, discipline, fear) in Virgo (conscientiousness, analytical ability, practicality) in opposition to Uranus (change, rebellion), there will be a clash that leads to a rebellion of both those who fear (Saturn) and those who want change (Uranus).

However, these effects may be offset just a bit beginning on March 10th, when the Full Moon moves into Virgo, one of the Healing signs. Because of the nature of Virgo, it may balance out this turbulent mix of feelings to an extent. Although with the Moon in Virgo we’re often nervous, conversely, we also tend to have a bit more common sense. And because two of Virgo’s attributes are service to others and perfectionism, combined with the idealistic nature of Aquarius, the drive of Mars and the expansive nature of Jupiter, many of us will begin to take a good hard look at what’s going on in our lives as well as in the world (if we haven’t done so already) and realize that it is up to us to make the effort to heal, instead of relying on others to do it for us.

And because the Full Moon also happens to be conjunct and within 3 degrees of the Saturn/Uranus opposition, when we reach this point we will see that to make the change we all want, it will be necessary to transcend our lower Saturnian natures and open to our upper Uranian/Pisces natures to extend that compassion that we all so desperately need to show others and to feel ourselves. In other words, it’s going to take some work.

Finally, the 9th house placement of the Full Moon in Virgo in aspect to the USA’s natal chart indicates that we, as a Nation, will be successful in our quest for Truth as long as we are persistent. In fact, wouldn’t it be better for all of us if we took the best of both perspectives – the old (Saturn) and the new (Uranus) and blended them to come up with a viable, working solution for the entire planet?

Therefore – again, based on the transits – the majority of the conspiracy theories that have shot up around Obama since his emergence on the political scene are due mainly to fear of change and the unknown and our own overactive imaginations.

But does that mean that Obama is completely innocent or that he’s the Messiah? Or is it possible that – with the help of New World Order advocates such as Zbigniew Brzezinski, Obama is, indeed, much more than he appears?

Free Will

According to his natal chart and the transits, it seems that it’s all looking good for Obama, so far. But because of his affiliation with known Illuminists, can we be sure that he isn’t up to the same old tricks of past politicians and isn’t merely another in the long line of Illuminati puppets? Or is it possible that he might fall somewhere between the allegedly predicted Anti-Christ/Messiah and a legitimate humanitarian?

Humans that we are, most of us wish to be loved and accepted by others. So, regardless of our astrological natal chart, we all have the choice of free will: of doing whatever it is we feel is best for us, and in the case of leaders, others as well. Which isn’t always a bad thing. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves, who will? And if we are unable to care for ourselves, how can we care for our children?

Still, while we may be astrologically inclined to think or feel a certain way, most of us can generally be persuaded to follow along with another’s agenda if we feel that it will be in our best interests to do so. Is it possible that this is what Obama is doing? Is he playing ‘follow the leader’ with the NWO agenda, while covertly gathering his own forces to effect the positive change that he knows we all need and deserve?

Though speaking specifically in reference to Global Climate Change, President Obama recently stated, “We need more than the same old empty promises. We need to show that this time it will be different.” This statement is indicative of two things, in particular: 1) that Barak Obama does appear to stand for positive change and 2) that the effects of so many planets in the astrological sign of Aquarius – which represents change on a global or mass scale – is real and quite active. But will Obama make good on his promises? Again, only time will tell.

The Age of Change

In my opinion, since we, too, have free will, whether Obama is our Savior, the Anti-Christ or something in between, is really a moot point. Ultimately, it is up to each and every one of us to take responsibility for our own actions and make the changes that are so desperately necessary. As Gandhi said: Be the change you wish to see in the world.

The fact is, we are now entering an unprecedented time of change, in which we all have the opportunity and the ability to make the changes that are so very necessary if our society and our planet is going to remain not only a viable entity for some time to come, but prosperous, as well.

There are four things we would all do well to keep in mind:

1. Not everything is at it appears. For instance, in spite of the probability that TPTB attempt to convince the masses through various means that astrology is a pseudoscience, they themselves use very skilled astrologers to determine the best times for various activities such as political elections or wars, as well as the best person to place in any given political office on a global scale and has even been used in the architecture and street design of Washington, DC. Therefore, they wouldn’t find it difficult to choose a political ‘candidate’ based on his or her astrological chart, or even construct the “perfect” astrological chart. (See also 1 & 2)

2. We must learn to rely on ourselves for ‘salvation.’

3. We all have Free Will. Regardless of the planetary positions and aspects of our natal charts, we are the ones, ultimately, who choose our paths in life.

4. This is the Age of Change. With so many planets and a point in Aquarius, the sign of change: the North Node of the Moon, Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune, Mars, and as of this writing (March 8, 2009), Mercury – we all have the ability to make positive changes, not only on a personal scale, but on a planetary scale.

Regardless of what one wishes to believe about Barak Obama, remember Thomas Jefferson’s famous and quite apropos statement regarding the relationship between the People and the government:

When the government fears the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.”

Whether or not President Obama is merely a puppet, WE, THE PEOPLE do not have to continue to be the sheeple who choose to blindly follow along without questioning the direction of our respective countries' leaders. We do have the option of taking action and choosing to make a difference. This requires proaction on the part of each and every one of us, and there isn’t a moment to lose. Do not underestimate your voice and your influence during this time of change. Barak Obama may or may not be our only hope for facilitating this change. Yet, regardless of which side he is truly on, “We are the ones we have been waiting for.”

* * * * *

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