Monday, July 20, 2009

Does Astrology Show that the King of Pop was Murdered?

Michael Jackson

1958 - 2009

Whether Michael Jackson's music is your cup of tea or not, there's little argument that he was one of – if not the – most talented and musically prolific individuals of the past one hundred years. Conversely, he was also an enigma, depressed and extremely controversial.

When the reports of Michael Jackson's death were confirmed on June 25th, 2009, I can't say that I was as affected as I was when President Kennedy was killed, as many are claiming that they had been, though I did tear up. However, I was a Jackson 5 and then later a Michael Jackson fan, and so was deeply affected by Michael's – to me – seemingly senseless death.

From the beginning I've Sensed foul play. Something just didn't seem right. Since his death, several individuals who were close – and some not so close – to Michael also stated their belief that his death may not have been an accident. But is there any astrological indication that he might have been murdered? In fact, is there any astrological evidence that he may have been subject to being manipulated or mind-controlled?

The Astrology of the Death of The Man in the Mirror

At the time of his death, Michael's progressed natal chart shows that his natal retrograde Chiron was in the 8th house. Normally, when planets are making their transit through this house, it's generally an indication of some type of transformation or major change – sometimes positive, sometimes not so positive. Yet, while Chiron in the 8th house signifies transformation, it can also signify death and dying, though not necessarily by murder (which would normally be indicated by a square or opposition to Pluto and sometimes Mars).
When Michael died, his progressed natal Chiron in Aquarius was quincunx (inconjunct) his progressed retrograde Pluto in Capricorn. This particular aspect is indicative of the need to change the way we see things, to do things differently than we've done them previously; especially things that have only brought us pain. Evidenced by his coming out of seclusion to do the 'This Is It' farewell tour, it was obvious that he had decided to make those major changes he felt so compelled to make. Michael was an entertainer, and he wanted everyone to know that he was still the King of Pop – in spite of his decision to end his quite lucrative career.

Additionally, though his Chiron Return was exact in mid-January, 2009, it is my belief – based on my own experience with the Chiron Return, as well as reports from clients who've experienced their own Chiron Returns – that the Chiron Return continues to exert its effect (though to a progressively lesser degree) until Chiron moves into the succeeding sign. If this is the case, then Michael may very well have been struggling with a compulsion to make major changes in his life, especially as they pertained to issues that had caused him significant pain.

Regardless, the question is: was Michael Jackson being mind-controlled, as in government controlled through a handler? Of course, we first need to determine if, based on his natal chart, others could easily manipulate him.

As Melody pointed out, this trait is quite evident in his Neptunian tinged chart. Even though Michael was a Virgo and had several planets (Mercury, Venus and Uranus) in Leo (self-willfulness, egocentricity), his Mars was in the 12th house which is ruled by Neptune, and his Moon was in Pisces, which is Neptune's sign ruler. His Neptune, itself, was in Scorpio, which trined his Moon in Pisces, causing him to be even more Neptunian. (As an aside, Neptune also rules drug addiction, into which – according to the reports – Michael seemed to be deeply immersed.)

Pisceans, in general, are quite prone to being manipulated. This is one of the indications of the Pisces glyph, which shows two fish pointing in two different directions: often times Pisceans don't know whether they're going or coming, mainly because they are usually easily swayed or manipulated by others, especially loved ones. And with his Moon in Pisces, he was not only quite sensitive to the needs of others, but easily manipulated, as well.

Could this tendency to be easily manipulated by others, including (possibly) a government handler, leave him open to such a situation?

Again, the answer is: probably, yes.

However, whether he was intentionally mind controlled by a government assigned handler, there has been no evidence, to date, that would indicate that that is the case. Not to say that it isn't possible. But then, why would the government advertise such a scenario if they were, in fact, controlling him?

They wouldn't, of course. And because they most likely wouldn't, there doesn't appear to be a way to determine exactly when this handling could have begun. It could have been sometime around October, 1967 when Michael's father – who was also his manager – signed him and his brothers to their first recording contract or possibly by November of 1968 when The Jackson 5 was signed to Motown Records. Or even by 1971, when Motown decided it was time for Michael to begin a solo career.

However, the most likely time for Michael to have been 'introduced' to his handler(s) (if this is, indeed, what happened) was in June of 1975 when he, along with his brothers were signed to CBS Records. CBS – or Columbia Broadcasting System – is thought to be one of the front corporations for the Illuminati, who is believed by many, such as Jordan Maxwell (for more info, see Jordan to be the Elite, the Shadow Government, The Powers That Be. It is also believed by many that numerous members of the entertainment industry are utilized in various ways (often without their knowledge) in order to further the agenda of the Shadow Government.

Still –

Was Michael Jackson Murdered?

For the sake of argument, let's just say that Michael was a pawn in the government initiated MK Ultra program or something similar. Could it be that Michael's decision to possibly end his show-business career provided his handlers with a way to capitalize on his death?

This explanation doesn't seem to fit, though the government could certainly use Jackson's death as an excuse to enact stricter laws governing pharmaceutical access, since it's believed that his death was the result of an overdose of Demerol.

There is something else that does fit, however, if it is true. In approximately 2000, according to Wikipedia, “...Jackson was waiting for the licenses to the masters of his albums to revert to him; this allowed him to promote his old material how he liked [sic] and prevented Sony from getting a cut of the profit. Jackson expected this to occur early in the new millennium; however, due to various clauses in the contract, this revert date is still many years away....For a number of years, Sony had been pushing to buy all of Jackson's share in their music catalog venture. If Jackson's career or financial situation were to deteriorate, he would have to sell his catalog. Thus, Sony had something to gain from Jackson's career failing.[emphasis added]

Or, put another way, could it be that Sony might even have had something to gain from Jackson's death? If Sony were, in fact, a partner in this venture, would they not retain sole ownership of the music catalog upon Michael's death? Well, not necessarily. Especially if he had bequeathed the catalog to someone else in his will. And there could be any number of other reasons why the music catalog would not revert to Sony.

Of course, this is all merely speculation. The situation with Sony could be significant, or it could be a red herring.

Ultimately, astrologically, it seems that the most noteworthy aspect that might conceivably point to Michael's death, is his progressed Chiron in the 8th house. Yet even that aspect doesn't show that he was murdered. What it shows is that he was a man in quite a bit of pain – both emotionally and physically – who wished to make major changes in his life.

Is it possible that his addiction to painkillers had spiraled so far out of control that in the end he was unable to pull himself out of the nosedive?

We may never know the complete truth. Yet one thing seems obvious: there were far too many individuals involved in Michael's life whose motives seem questionable, and many who may have had something to gain from his death.