Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson's Death Chart

by Melody Scott Zindell
Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
"Michael was the perfect androgynous robot. However, his purpose was fulfilled since he had become overloaded and could no longer function as the icon he had been. His death was caused by a large injection of Demerol, which slowly stopped his breathing and his heart. He was in effect, murdered by his own staff. This had to occur in his jubilee year--an important Illuminati numerical value". Stewart Swerdlow

I also think it had to occur as he was about to come back into his own, perhaps in a less "controllable" way. Deepak Chopra's tribute to his friend Michael Jackson

The death chart's Ascendant on Michael Jackson's North Node is interesting. The North Node symbolizes what our souls' are stretching to learn in this lifetime, and for Michael it is wedded to his creative self expression in both a magnificent and potentially spiritual way. His natal Neptune in Scorpio has a redemptive quality to it. The is also a very "Neptunian" chart, which is both a very pure energy, as Deepak Chopra mentioned, but also very vulnerable to both projection and manipulation/(mind)control. But if the later tendency can be overcome, a mover of the masses that would also be uncontrollable and if on a spiritual level extremely powerful. Having just passed his Chiron return, and experiencing his Pluto trine Pluto transit, the potential for coming into his own would be very threatening to his "controllers".

Maurice Fernandez also pointed out that there are repeating patterns with the natal and death chart including a recurrance of Jupiter and Neptune in the 5th house, 10th house Moon (same degree, Sun in 4th House, Sun in Cancer, same Mars, same Chiron, same Ceres (16 Virgo),Mars/Venus square, Mars/VEnus conjunction and Sun/Pluto conjunction, Sun/Pluto opposition.

With death, we often find Jupiter and Venus both as the guardian angels so to speak of transition. Michael Jackson had transiting Jupiter trine natal Jupiter, and a heavy Venus emphasis with transiting Moon on his natal Venus at 17 degrees, and transiting Venus on his natal Mars. This would indicate either no suffering or a very short period of suffering and might also be experienced by Michael himself as something beautiful and creative vs. a loss.

That same Venus could also indicate murder with it's swiftness even if Michael himself felt release as he moved into a more ethereal existence. However, murder would most likely be indicates by transits involving Pluto and Mars. Scorpio and the 8th house. Considerations include: Pluto trine Michael's natal Pluto (the ease with which his power could be cut down, especially given the general vulnerabilities of his chart). Transiting Mars coming up on natal Mars and square natal Chiron which is in a powerful public and humanitarian placement, conjunct the Midheaven, but very sensitive to the potential of trauma and abandonement. Transiting Mars square Michael's natal Uranus (opposite Chiron) is also a signature for unexpected trauma or cutting short. Through a heart attack, whether natural or induced, is the Leo signature.

I'm writing this hurridly from a motel room after having to evacuate my home due to a serious black mold issue - I'm looking for a new home - so I may be missing things. Anyone else?

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