Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Free weekly podcasts covering current transits now available at Astroweather. This week: The Jupiter, Chiron, Neptune conjunction and Mind over Matter.


  1. While I find MJs demise tragic to say the least, you most certainly know or have become well aware of the high-level Builderburgs or the Masons or whatever evil organization's controlling U.S. Thus, I don't have any doubt MJs death was planned nor should you follow the planetary cosmos. You'd be verrry wise to only follow the Trinity. God bless you. Meet me in the Great Beyond, miss verily gorgeous.

  2. GoodGod!! You're an abortionist, whomosexual-who-worships-the-whorizontal, and a liberal. Egad!! We gottalotta praying to do. THANK GOD for the Warning which could come at any time. I pray you'd have the grace to survive. Mama mia.