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Barack Obama: Messiah, New World Order Henchman or True Force for Positive Change?

Part 2 of 3

by Kat Starwolf

Barak Obama & Reincarnation

Over the past one hundred years or so, reincarnation has gradually regained its place as a rival concept to that put forth by the Council of Nicea in 325 AD regarding humanity’s continued existence after death. Although not everyone believes in reincarnation, if you believe that Jesus existed, you might be interested to know that the Church painted itself into a corner by forgetting that if Jesus originally studied with the Essenes, he must surely have believed in reincarnation (and based on his quotes in numerous Biblical scriptures, he did), since the Essenes believed in and taught reincarnation themselves.

It is also believed that at least three Hebrew prophets: Samuel, Daniel and Isaiah, studied or were actually astrologers. Samuel, in particular, located the shepherd boy who would later become the 2nd king of Israel, by the recognition of the ‘Star of David,’ (an astrological geometric planetary configuration known as a Double Grand Trine) in the heavens. Further, the Jewish Kabbalah basically teaches that man’s existence is based on Sacred Geometry and utilizes astrology to delineate our relationship with the Cosmos.

Additionally, based on extensive astrological research conducted by numerous astrologers over the past several hundred years, there seems to be some precedent for past lives found in the astrological natal chart. In astrology, a point of reference known as the South Node of the Moon is indicative of a person’s past life abilities, skills and/or karma that follows us into our current incarnation, as well as one’s present early life abilities, skills and talents brought forward in the current incarnation to adulthood.

Aside from the probability that Barak Obama has quite an esoteric belief system, himself, it appears likely – based on his astrological natal chart and on his upbringing – that he, also, believes in reincarnation.

The Reincarnation of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten?

The scuttle traveling around the Internet at present states that Barak Obama is the incarnation of various historical figures. Religious spokesman, Texe Marrs says that Barak Obama is the reincarnation of the Sun God, Osiris, while others believe him to be the reincarnation of Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaton. Still others state that he is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln.

The claim to the Akhenaten incarnation was seemingly put forth by one Brianstalin and picked up by numerous sources. Brianstalin, supposedly the world’s ‘foremost expert’ on reincarnation, claims that there is evidence that indicates that Obama is, indeed, the reincarnation of Pharaoh Akhenaten while simultaneously claiming that the Akashic Records say that he isn’t.

Come again?

Still, he doesn’t say exactly what this evidence is, other than that he has located this information in the Akashic Records.

Although the comparison to Akhenaten (as well as to Hitler) is definitely a bit disconcerting, we need to keep in mind that each of us may have had unflattering, not to mention horrendous, past lives. The whole point of repetitive incarnations is to learn from each successive life in order to reach Enlightenment.

Pharaoh Akhenaten, who was originally named Amenotep IV and reigned from 1352 to 1356 BC, was also known as the heretic pharaoh since he chose not to continue the practice of worshipping multiple gods as his father, grandfather and ancestors had done before him. Instead he chose to institute the practice of monotheism, or the worship of only one god: Aten, the Sun God or Solar Disc diety.

When comparing Obama’s likeness to that of Akhenaten in this YouTube video – Brianstalin implies that the resemblance is evidence that Obama is the reincarnation of this Egyptian pharaoh. But is he?

Although there does seem to be a likeness of sorts, there is not enough evidence, in my opinion, to prove anything. Neither does Brianstalin show how his assertions are being corroborated or verified. Nor does anyone else, as far as I’ve been able to determine, make the claim that they have uncovered evidence that Obama is the reincarnation of Akhenaten. From what I can gather, there is no firm evidence, corroboration or verification other than Brianstalin’s writings, alone, which seem to be the basis for this claim that Obama is the reincarnation of not only Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten, but Pope Leo XIII as well. And even then, he doesn’t show us how he came to these conclusions.

While anything is certainly possible, how would one know for sure that what they were ‘viewing’ in the Akashic Records was accurate? For that matter, how does one know for sure that they are, indeed, viewing the Akashic Records, and not just falling prey to their own overactive imagination?

Throughout the span of the last forty-some odd years in which I have read and researched numerous topics, including reincarnation, I’ve read such authors as Drs. Brian Weiss, Raymond Moody, Bruce Goldberg, and Ian Stevenson, medical intuitive Edgar Cayce, medium Ruth Montgomery, and counselor and past life regression therapist Carol Bowman who writes on children’s past lives. Yet, this is the first I’ve heard of Brianstalin, and I had to do a Google search on “Obama” and “reincarnation” to find him.

While I’m more convinced of the concept of reincarnation than any other explanation pertaining to our ultimate origin and continued existence, I’m not as convinced of the accuracy of various claims to being able to view the Akashic Records. Or rather, I’m not totally convinced that just because someone says that the information they have managed to ‘access,’ is accurate, that it is. Like channeling, this form of ‘information gathering’ leaves itself wide open for interpretation and is difficult to validate. That is, if it’s not outright fraudulent.

Not to say that Brianstalin’s claims are fraudulent; only that there seems to be little in the way of concrete proof to validate his claims. (For more information on Brianstalin, see his MySpace profile page.)

No? How About the Reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln?

Several astrologers initially noticed the similarities between the astrological natal charts of Barack Obama and Abraham Lincoln, such as Joan P., of the Karmic Astrology blogsite. Joan does an excellent job of interpreting and comparing Lincoln’s chart to Obama’s, although at the time this piece was written in May of 2008, Obama’s correct birth time was not known.

Another astrologer, VerDarLuz, a contributing writer for the site Reality Sandwich, says it quite succinctly in this article late last year:

Besides the similarities of their personal geographies (impoverished upbringing, Illonois), Obama’s South Node, which represents our karmic traces, is on Lincoln’s Sun. And the reverse is true: Obama’s Sun is on Lincoln’s South Node. This powerful reversal may suggest a major spiritual theme that has been circulating between these two souls, trying to be implemented in this country for some time. It very clearly could point to reincarnant energy of the same soul.

Couple this with Lincoln’s Chiron/Sun/Neptune on Obama’s Ascendant, and one
can feel how Obama channels Lincoln’s major life purpose (Sun) to implement the vision (Neptune) of healing (Chiron) the ‘Union.’

Then following up with his own astrological opinion on the comparison of the two charts in January, 2009, astrologer Dr. Z, The Zodiac Master, offers his opinion on the probability that Obama could very well be the reincarnation of Lincoln.

Well, the evidence seems to be looking good for clinching the case that Obama could be the reincarnation of Lincoln. Still, similarities such as this are not quite enough to prove conclusively that one person is the absolute reincarnation of another. All it proves is that their birth charts are similar or that they dovetail in some manner, which isn’t always as meaningful as we might wish to believe.

And then there’s Newsweek Magazine’s recent article, Obama’s Lincoln, which seems to lend some credence to the belief that Obama is the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln, though this is only implied, as well as Obama’s own references to Lincoln in an article he wrote for Time Magazine in 2006, entitled My Spiritual Journey.

The point is, there really is no solid evidence which proves that Barak Obama is the reincarnation of anyone specific. However, there is a way to determine if he has similar traits or even similar purposes to these two great leaders as other astrologers have shown.

Possible Astrological Proof of Obama’s Past Life Traits

Having said that, however, based on his astrological natal chart, Barak Obama is also bringing quite a bit of that visionary knowledge and wisdom in with him from one or more past lives. Whether or not he will use it during this administration is another issue.

According to astrologer, Martin Schulman in The Moon’s Nodes and Reincarnation, in regard to the North Node of the Moon in Leo (as Obama’s is), “…he has a great ability to do something for the human race, for he is capable of depersonalizing his actions for the good of all mankind.”

Schulman also goes on to say that, “The Aquarius South Node [of the Moon] brings with it past life roots strongly embedded in the principles of fairness and equality.” And “This individual is capable of making revolutionary changes in what was once established tradition…he believes in firm justice, and yet he is quick to pardon once people have admitted that they are wrong. He is never one to strike when a person is down. The sense of fair play has become such a part of his soul, that although he feels he should be more competitive, it makes him uncomfortable to be part of any competition which involves foul play.” It is also “…his present life karma to apply his Uranian ingenuity [Uranus rules Aquarius, his Rising Sign] through practical and traditional Leonine outlets [such as leadership and creativity].”

In reference to the house position of the North Node of the Moon, Schulman says, “The house position [in this case, the 7th house of partnership] of the North Node shows the area through which all the chart energy can be focused –” that is, through partnerships with others, including our nation and other nations “into a new shining creation of substantial size and worth, a gift of generosity to the world. Truly these are the Nodes of the ‘Inventor.’”

Also in the 7th house of partnership are Mars conjunct or in the same sign (Virgo) as Pluto. Mars is representative of action, while Pluto symbolizes transformation and power. With these two planets in the down-to-earth and practical sign of Virgo, the need to work hard and the inability to be inactive for long, are prominent features. He is extremely analytical, a perfectionist, and quite organized when it comes to the detail work. With Mars in the 7th house, he places a great deal of importance on relationships, both in marriage and in business. Since the presidency of the United States of America is definitely a business, his relationships with those with whom he works within the White House, American citizens, as well as partnerships with leaders of other countries are tremendously important to him.

The downside to this placement is that he may be so concerned with the opinions of others (especially as they pertain to himself and his need for the approval of others) that there may be a tendency to overlook the rectification of personal issues which require his attention. Additionally, because he is a Leo, there may also be the danger of allowing his ego to get in the way of his better judgement at times.


In regard to specific past lives, since these cannot be determined from a perusal of the astrological chart, Obama being the reincarnation of Akhenaten, Lincoln or anyone else, in my opinion, is highly conjectural. In fact, it is more likely that Obama merely admires the former president so much that he strives to emulate him.

Then, of course, there’s always the possibility that all of these claims are merely purposely engineered attempts to manipulate the public into accepting him as the next Messiah, showing how similar he is to both of these leaders and how he must have returned to finish what he began at least twice before.

The final implication, however – again based on his natal chart – is that he reincarnated to ‘get it right’ this time. But will he follow through with his Soul’s intentions for this incarnation? Only time and Barak Obama will tell.

Still, his natal chart seems to say one thing, while some of his actions seem to say something entirely different. Or do they? What’s up with that? Could it be that while Barack Obama might seem to be following in the footsteps of his presidential predecessors, that he does, in fact, have an agenda of his own?

I invite you to follow along with me as I look into the 3rd part of this series: Obama Conspiracy Theories: Fact or Fiction?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Obama and Old fashioned Change:
A Saturn / Uranus Story

by Melody Scott Zindell

After President Obama’s speech last night I was inspired to look at another aspect of his chart that will add a dimension to how potentially entrenched in “the system” he is.

Humankind’s evolutionary journey is in part reflected by the current Saturn / Uranus opposition, which is with us through July 2010. Saturn is the status quo and Uranus is radical change. This is another turn around the spiral of learning how to integrate new paradigms within the social structure and traditions of the past, with an increased awareness of self responsibility and “growing up” a little, as the bigger 250 year cycle of Pluto in Capricorn, which began this year, breaks down an older part of the system that is no longer working.

As an archetype, Obama reflects these ideas with his natal Saturn in Capricorn retrograde in the 12th house inconjunct Uranus and the North node in Leo in the 7th house. This almost exact natal Saturn / Uranus signature is closely aspected by the current transit. Later this year with the September 15th pass, the Saturn / Uranus opposition at 24 degrees and only 1 degree from Obama’s natal aspect.

We have no idea what Obama’s inner processing is because he is a politician and seems to play the politician game very well. That said, we do know that one dynamic which this signature reflects would be a deep and focused need to reflect upon the conditionings (that we all have to one degree or another) relative to one’s ideas about the role and structure of government and systems. I agree with Jeffrey Wolf Green who said once that all politicians are in a consensus reality, primarily defined as a person who is identified as an extension of societal norms, beliefs and customs. Probably at least 75% of the world’s population falls in this group. This is in contrast to those who have moved into an individuated state, characterized by those who question the beliefs and customs and who seek to discover their own individuality as distinct from society. Someone who advocates change with a Uranian vibration, as Obama has, can still do so from within the consensus framework, which we can observe him doing. For example, he essentially wants to continue the same system of lending, credit, education, health and so on, but to upgrade these systems to a better way of working. Saturn wants to keep the old structure and Uranus wants to bring in something new. In Obama’s chart we have an inconjunct between these two planetary energies which indicates a sense of tension on a crisis level, something that must be resolved for him, underscored by the idea that the planet of new and radically different is conjunct Obama’s North Node in Leo.

This tension is seen by others in an iconoclastic way that is primarily focused on the past (Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th) as he has been regularly compared to Presidents Lincoln and Roosevelt, as well as wanting his speech last night to take on the positive reform feelings that came with administrations such as Roosevelt’s. There is the potential with this signature to be on the edge of society, but one does not get the backing of the old guard for presidency in that mode. So, although there are hints that Obama has a revolutionary streak, such as with his close association with the radical Reverend Jeremiah Wright until it compromised his political career track, he probably must remain ambivalent with his inner processes. The result is a “go with the flow” mentality and conforming to peer pressure, another function of Uranus on a conservative end. The peer pressure that Obama is conforming to is the very old guard and status quo political structure, and the “change” is fixing the problems in the same way they were created, which even if this strategy works is certainly not a radical or outside the box solution.

The impetus to eventually break his conditioning is strong, and could range from breaking out of the pack into a greater sense of individuality but still within “his group” to potentially stepping completely outside the current system with a radically different orientation. This would be show up very differently than what we are seeing with actions that seem well defined by the past.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Barak Obama: Messiah, New World Order Henchman or True Force for Positive Change?

by Kat Starwolf

Part 1 of 3

Change We Can Believe In?

Disclaimer: I am neither pro- nor anti- Obama. My purpose in reporting the following is to attempt to shed some astrological light on our new president’s character. Therefore, I am reporting only what I see in his astrological chart. HOWEVER, this interpretation is based on the birth information (date, time, location) provided on Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Therefore, the interpretation is only as accurate as the recorded or reported birth data.

Who is Barak Obama? Is he really the altruistic humanitarian, sage leader and loving family man we see portrayed in the media? The way he came out of nowhere, bursting onto the world scene certainly seems suspect. With almost no funds to help sustain the most arguably successful presidential campaign in the history of this country, it’s difficult not to look with some suspicion at this heretofore virtually unknown politician; even for those who voted for him. Yet, who is this man who promised the change our country so desperately needs? Will he make good on those promises, or will he drag us through another eight years of hell?

Is there a way to determine his true character? Is he the Messiah? The Anti-Christ? The reincarnation of an Egyptian pharaoh? A puppet of the Illuminati? Human and fallible like the rest of us? Or something else entirely?

Astrology may provide us with the answer….

Although astrology is considered a pseudoscience by many, the fact is, to many others astrology has demonstrated that it is quite an accurate discipline. This is not a reference to Sun Sign astrology which utilizes only the Sun when evaluating someone’s personality traits. But real astrology that utilizes all the planets in the solar system, including the Sun, the Moon and a few asteroids and a comet in determining either the outcome of events or the actual, seemingly ‘hidden’ personality traits of any given individual.

Yet, is it possible for an astrologer to truly know the character of an individual without ever having met that person just by looking at his or her astrological natal chart? While it is true that astrology – and by extension, astrologers – cannot, for the most part, always know our deep inner thoughts and feelings, it is possible, nonetheless, to deduce a person’s probable intentions based on the positions of his or her natal planets, specifically in relation to current astrological transits and trends. Whether or not the individual follows through on his or her tendencies, of course, is governed by various factors, including free will. Regardless, the compulsion for any of us to act in a given manner based on the placements of the planets in our natal chart is generally quite strong; in spite of how diligently others might wish to persuade us to follow through with their agenda.

So what does Barak Obama’s birth chart have to say about him?

Barak Obama’s Astrological Natal Chart

According to AstroDatabank, 7:24 p.m. – the time listed on his birth certificate (which finally surfaced after the question of whether or not he was truly a United States citizen) – was utilized. Unless we’ve been misled regarding his birth information, this seems to lend some validity to the character he displays in public. Shown below are the locations of the various planets in his birth chart for those of you who are astrologically inclined (note that the house system is Geocentric Tropical Placidus, which places his Mars ((action, passion, aggression)) in the 7th house of partnerships and enemies):

Although President Obama, like the rest of us, no doubt has his moments (after all, he is a Leo), the question is: is he capable of leading this country and following through on his promises of positive change? Possessing the mechanical know-how to accomplish a task is one thing; but doing so because one’s heart compels them to such actions, is an entirely different matter.

One thing in his favor in regard to the presidency, is the fact that he is a Leo. Leos are known for their strong leadership ability. If other strategic planets are in favorable positions, sign-wise and in aspect to each other, the native can be a formidable force. With his Sun in the 6th house, his sense of duty tends to be strong, though he may have a difficult time doing the same old thing day in and day out. Lucky for him that he’s in a job where nothing is routine! There will be lots of diversity to fill his time, on which he will thrive. All in all, his desire is to focus his leadership abilities on the health of the nation in such a way so that he may serve others, since this is specifically what his Soul incarnated to do.

The Moon in Gemini indicates a need to rationalize one’s own emotions, as well as those of others, and is a prevalent characteristic. He may seem almost emotionless because of this placement, but his Sun (core identity) in a fire sign and Venus (love, values) in a water sign, may mitigate the stoic tendency to a great extent. In other words, the stoicism, while real on the surface, is merely a protective fa├žade that hides a much deeper loving and caring personality (Cancer and Leo), which he may feel more comfortable expressing in the presence of his family members rather than in public. With this placement in the 4th house of home, family and emotions, his interactions with his family – especially his children – will be loving and yet rational. He’s more likely to be the kind of parent that uses reason as a form of disciplinary control than force. His Venus (love) in Cancer (home, family) in the 5th house of children, also lends weight to this trait.

In relation to how this translates to his abilities as president and how he sees and will interact with the citizens of his country, he will have much the same demeanor. Granted, there are variables involved that may require a slightly different tact when dealing with certain issues. Yet, for the most part, he is a genuinely loving individual. He loves his country and its people so much, that he is willing to do everything he possibly can to protect it and them. While this may not manifest in a literal sense (as in initiating or fighting in a war), it is very likely to be expressed in subtle undertones through other means; for instance, ‘fighting’ for equality, better economic conditions, better health care, peace, etc.

The placement of both his Neptune in Scorpio on the cusp of the 9th house (also influenced by 8th house energy, which includes power/transformation, joint finances and secrecy) and his Jupiter in Aquarius in the 12th, are indications that he is definitely interested in what would be considered by some to be ‘unorthodox’ subjects. Therefore, the probability is that if he’s allowed to follow his own lead, he will have a very strong desire to get to the truth of the extraterrestrial/UFO phenomenon, putting an end to governmental secrecy/cover-up in this area.

Further, his Moon in the 4th house at a positive aspect to his retrograde Jupiter in the 12th house in addition to his grand trine of planets in water signs, causes him to have a proliferation of empathic, psychic and intuitive abilities which makes him a Healer of the highest magnitude.

Likewise, retrograde Chiron is indicative of the probability that he was a Healer in a past life; and with numerous aspects to other planets, this indication is amplified considerably. Chiron represents wisdom, woundedness and wounded relationships, among many things. With retrograde Chiron in Pisces (spirituality, empathy, healing) in the 1st house, the indication is that he will manifest the essence of the Chiron attributes which will be evident in the way he interacts with others. According to visionary astrologer, Barbara Hand Clow in Chiron, Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets in regard to Chiron in Pisces, “If their energy manifests successfully in the culture, this being is charismatic, unforgettable, and a true leader of consciousness unfoldment.” [bolded italics mine] Again, with his retrograde Chiron at a positive aspect to his Moon in the 4th house (home and family) and his Neptune in the 9th house (ideals, higher education, religion, philosophy, mental journeys), the implication is that it will be easy for him to bring these characteristics and traits into being for himself, as well as for the country.

Chiron in Pisces is representative of someone who wants to help others. The adverse affects of this placement for Chiron, is that he may focus on helping others to the exclusion of all else, at times. This, in turn, could play a significant role in health issues if preventative measures are not taken. However, Pisces also rules healing and compassion, so these people – once they realize their abilities in this area – can be absolutely phenomenally successful. And with his nearly exact retrograde Chiron in Pisces opposition his Pluto in Virgo, the positive transformation of his character will be evident, especially to those who know him well.

Jupiter in Aquarius in addition to his Aquarius Ascendant causes him to be an extremely powerful humanitarian, which he feels compelled to express through helping others. His compulsion to see that justice is served is nearly overwhelming. He not only senses how people feel, what they want and what they need, he knows it. Moreover, he’s bound and determined to see that the changes that need to be made, are made for the good of all (an Aquarian trait).

Aquarius is the sign of the Visionary. These people are brilliant. In fact, they’re often geniuses, quite unconventional, and far head of most of the rest of us. Adding his Visionary qualities to his empathic, psychic and intuitive qualities, as well as his love for his home and family (which to him, includes his country and the world, as well as its citizens) it seems that this man has an exorbitant amount of love to share with the world. He doesn’t like to see people suffer. He really wants to make the changes that he’s talked about.

However, while these are definitely positive qualities, he is by no means perfect, which is demonstrated by other planetary placements which may very well offset the above characteristics to an extent.


Each of us has Saturn placed somewhere in our natal chart. Saturn represents many things, both positive and negative, including structure, discipline, work, restriction, oppression and fear. And depending on what sign Saturn is in, it can either be helpful or excruciatingly painful and destructive, if we don’t monitor the direction of its output. How it affects us individually is also dependent on its aspects to other planets. When Saturn is retrograde, those traits tend to be even more pronounced and, conversely, also often cause feelings of inadequacy and extreme self-deprecation. Yet, no matter how good a person may appear to be, there may be other aspects of his or her character that are not always evident, and which are not always as positive. Often, the placement and sign in which Saturn resides, can provide a clue as to how an individual might be affected by Saturn’s energy.

Positive Saturnine Traits

Barak Obama’s Saturn is retrograde and in Capricorn, the sign ruler for Saturn. While it might seem that with retrograde Saturn in its ruling sign the trait of extreme rigidity and the tendency to be unyielding is a detriment. Yet, what actually happens is that the native is better able to focus on the purpose for which he’s aiming, allowing him to block out any outside distractions. This ability allows him to be single-minded in his quest towards accomplishing his goals and in being diligent in ascertaining their practicality and functionality, by back engineering those goals, so to speak. In other words, a person with this placement often envisions the end of the journey or the ultimate destination first, and then determines the best course of action to reach those goals. With Saturn in the 12th house, he tends to identify with the downtrodden or those who suffer or who are lacking in some way. That is, he is a champion for the underdog.

Challenging Saturnine Traits

We all wish to be liked. But with several planets (especially the Sun) in Leo and retrograde Saturn in Capricorn, this desire is magnified exponentially. Because of these placements the tendency is to do anything possible to create a positive impression on others – even if that impression might be contrary to reality. While this might not seem to be a bad thing when it comes to dealing with the nation as a whole, it could be a problem where wanting to be thought well of by peers or higher ups is concerned. Although Barak Obama is not a ‘yes-man,’ there is the possibility that he could very easily forego what he knows is best for the nation in order to placate The Powers That Be. Because of the push and pull of various political factions, this tendency may cause him to feel at odds with himself and with those he is entrusted to serve should he be approached by those whose intentions are underhanded or nefarious.

Messiah, Too Good to Be True or…?

In spite of the challenging planetary placements, this man seems to possess some wonderful traits. However, is he really the Messiah so many believe him to be? Is he too good to be true, or…something else? Again, as long as we have the correct birth information, the planetary placements in his natal chart should be enough to prove that Barak Obama is who he says he is and is more than capable of following through on his promises. Yet there may be one more ‘proof’ that might help us to determine his sincerity. Once more, looking to President Obama’s astrological natal chart – and especially to the ancient past – we find one placement, in particular, which may be indicative of a past life as a ruler returned to make good on the mistakes he made at that time and is now attempting to rectify.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my article Barack Obama: Messiah, New World Order Henchman or True Force for Positive Change? to learn more….

And now…Melody

Obama’s Place in “Conspiracy”

by Melody Zinndel

There is question as to Obama’s complicity at some levels with the elite and largely unknown powers behind the world scenes that have a secret agenda towards “globalization” through a world banking system and government. The primary dangers of this type of centralization include increased control in the hands of the few, with diminished freedoms to live our lives as we choose for the many. There is also the small fact that this is being done secretly, largely very illegally and immorally, with no regard for the lives of individual human beings. But these are all subjects for a later date.

What follows is a general analysis of how Obama’s chart reflects the potential for getting involved in this level of operating. The level of complicity I’m referring to would either have to come from someone who was on a completely different page than he is presenting, or in some way controlled by “the powers that be”. This level of control generally comes from things like blackmail, brainwashing and mind control. So, regardless of just who Obama really is and what his intentions are, let’s see how these ideas might be reflected his chart.I am suggesting with my analysis that currently Obama is still working in the web of previous conditionings, which are related to a strong lineage with the world elite power structure. It is also possible that the egg is cracking and he is an archetype of our general deconditioning process at this time.

This past life lineage can be seen with the South Node in Aquarius, the classical ruler Saturn in Capricorn retrograde in the 12th house conjunct Jupiter in Aquarius retrograde, with the modern ruler and ruler of his chart with an Aquarius rising, Uranus, conjunct the North Node in Leo.

Leo is indeed the King, but the Aquarius emphasis is what implies the elite standard that is above most of the human race. We can have the king of a tribe in the Amazon, or we can have a member of the elite ruling class that feels they are both more enlightened and privileged than the rest. That is Aquarius on one level.

The 12th house is the ending of a cycle and thus, with the gifts that come from journeying through one cycle in all the different areas of human experience, here we sit with where we have come from as we prepare for another go round the spiral of ever circling existence. With this ending we have a yet deeper ability to tune into and understand mass consciousness, which is why so many leaders and other iconic figures have planets in this house. With Capricorn on the 12th house cusp, we see glimpses of the disillusionment (Neptune / 12th house) that comes at different points in one’s life with the archetype of authority, beginning with father to teachers and school, church and religion, and government. Jupiter in Aquarius amplifies the possible innate idealism of the structure and the idea that “those in charge are going to do the right thing” or some variation on that theme, while Saturn in Capricorn reinforces the inherent focus and seriousness in this area. Both planets retrograde along with Capricorn on the cusp imply not just a disillusionment but a need to review, relook at what one’s ideas about the nature and structure of reality as well as the social structure and those in power -- and then perhaps to decondition oneself into a new way of understanding.

If Obama finds these ideas to be true in his life, I’m sure they’ve come in many ways beyond what we all know about his father. And because of the strength of these symbols, I do wonder if he will experience some disillusionment at some point with those white haired older white men who are entrenched in the failing and immoral system but who surround him in the background as mentors and support (such as Brzenski and Soros).

Dare I say handlers? That would imply a deep level of conditioning and brainwashing that is still intact at this point. If this is true, we can easily see the chart potential. The archetype of Saturn and Capricorn is very tied into our conditionings through our parents, teachers and society as a whole. Jupiter, Sagittarius and the 9th house add the element of our higher education, beliefs and philosophies. First, we see with the Jupiter in Aquarius conjunct Saturn in Capricorn in the 12th house the idea of enlightened ideas about how things should go that runs very deep, perhaps ending a cycle so that a new one can come in. But Obama came in tied to the old paradigm from an elite perspective, partly buried in his unconscious even to himself. That said, the tendencies for his Aquarius South Node in the 1st house could be to come in with past life learned tendencies of focusing mostly on himself with a pride for being unique and different, bringing with it the ability to go beyond societal traditional rules for rules he sets up for himself.

This is also potentially underscored with the asteroid Lucifer conjunct his Sun which highlights the “me syndrome” or “what is going to benefit me”. In some cases, this signature can develop into the Zarathustra complex as developed by Neitzche, the idea of being super human. With any signature in a chart we all manifest some of the good and some of the not so good. So, although I have no doubt that Obama brings a certain strength and light, especially in the area of humanitarian efforts, there is also the real possibly of the delusion of self-grandeur, to think one is larger and more important than one is and that everything is meant to serve your purpose.

Red and black are commonly used colors in combination with preconditioning and mind control techniques. Rudloph Steiner would roll over in his grave at the sight of young girls dressed in red and black.

As I understand it, one cannot be conditioned heavily, brainwashed or mind controlled unless the personality has the innate tendencies to accommodate it. And so, clearly the pride in this chart would be tempted to doing what one had to if the prize were big enough. And yet, there is another part of the chart that shows the self-doubt and wounding/victimization that can come with the Virgo / Pisces polarity. We know that Brzenski had been grooming Obama long before the rest of us knew he existed, and in 2004 when George Soros was heavily contributing to the Democratic Party, Obama was the only candidate he visited even though he was a relatively unknown Illinois senator at the time. This is a curious thing and makes me wonder just how far back he was “picked out”.

Obama signs his first bill, the lily lefbetter act surrounded by Lily Ledbetter herself as well as other senators who all decided to wear red that day.

It would be a plausible scenario that this went back from birth and the loss of a strong father figure, moving around, looking for the “father archetype” replacement etc. would be part of the background set up for early mind control. This sounds radical if you are not familiar with how these people patiently work over decades with those they use to move their agendas forward, so at this point you may laugh me off the blog, but with mind-controlled icons and superstars, there is often the situation of being born into a poor or unknown family, with the concurrent “rags to riches” story, which also shows up with the South Node in Aquarius, while at the same time showing the strong sense of “destiny”.

Chiron in Pisces in the 1st house is a deep and early wound to one’s sense of self, which feels completely cut off from Divine Source and may wonder what value they have to even being born. Chiron is the wounded healer archetype, so the gift in this wound is the person who embodies healing qualities with their strong connection to their Higher Self. However, generally we have everyone seeing the potential and waiting around for it to happen. When it happens it will be obvious. He will be preaching love and peace, not sending more troops to be killed in the ongoing wars.

Another aspect of vulnerability is seen with the same Lucifer in Leo conjunct the Sun, but in the 6th house. This can also bring the idea that “something is wrong with me” and all the related guilt, shame and self-doubt that comes with the Virgo archetype. Jeffrey Wolf Green says that typically, the Lucifer / Virgo archetype would have for many lifetimes set up a structural reality in their consciousness defined by the illusive idea of what is right or wrong or perfect. These magnificent ideals and morals can also be seen in the 12th house Saturn in Capricorn with Jupiter, but how can one live up to such high ideas? Perfection or superman is an illusion, and the guilt of being worthless is reinforced. Obama’s Mars in Virgo in the 8th can add a strong ability to continue to improve oneself through deep analysis, but can also accentuate the drive for becoming more perfect through occult associations.

Along with the inherent vulnerability, pride and past life lineage that we’ve already discusses as elements of potential conditioning, or at worst mind control, Neptune in Scorpio in the 9th house is a signature that is particular vulnerable to brainwashing/mind control both on the giving and receiving end. This Neptune is trine to the wounded healer archetype of Chiron in the 1st and sextile Obama’s Pluto in the 7th. The brainwashing has easy and graceful access through these chinks in the personality structure. Pluto in the 7th house along with the North Node/Uranus conjunction is the soul’s evolutionary desire to learn how to live life fully and creatively (vs. in a detached manner) embracing partnership (vs. being an inherent loner) in an equal (7th/Libra) way (vs. controlling or being controlled). However, we are learning these North Node lessons even on our death bed, and where Pluto lies, the fears that come from having to push the limits of our security toward metamorphic growth will always bring crisis. With this signature, partnerships bring inequalities of dominance and submissiveness, the Pluto person being the dominant one or – being the alter ego of another. This is an arena of huge power control and manipulation, and partnerships include “business” – which would be those powerful figures in Obama’s shadowy background.

Another strong characteristic of the 7th house is the idea of projection. The 1st/7th house axis is that of “self and other” and with an emphasis in the 7th, it is very common to project onto others or have others project onto you. So, Obama could project wrongly onto his partners or, as we have clearly seen, he is a magnet for other people’s projections. He is the perfect archetype of World Citizen and the question of his US citizenship has yet to go away. His nebulous nationality identification is underscored with his culturally diverse upbringing, the fact that he brings different races together (he is both black and white), different religions (Muslim and Christian) and even different sexual orientations (possible bisexual). If he weren’t superman, he would be everyman.

As an archetype Obama, is leading the way towards Unity, but to what end and will the end justify the means? More and more information is cracking the conditions of our collective consciousness. If he is indeed a pawn in the bigger game, it is only because he has inherently powerful energy that has been carefully groomed towards ends that he may or may not be aware of, or continue on with. If Obama breaks out of his own trance, there is the potential for the archetypal energies of revolutionary change and healing flowing through him. The high side of his chart includes the opportunity for light and truth to radiate from the core of his being, a shining light for all. What we want to see may be the echoes of what he is to become, but again, his actions speak louder than words and at this point I am not seeing the potential “bearer of light”.