Thursday, April 30, 2009

Panic and Control

by Melody Scott Zindell

Conspiracy is largely about looking at the covert control that the government wields against our individual rights and liberty. In the case of another swine flu scare, the big question along these lines is whether it was manufactured and released purposefully, and whether there will be mandatory inoculations. My personal concern is with the second issue.

Somewhat understandably, after millions died during the Spanish Flu pandemic, the US wanted everyone to be inoculated after a soldier died on February 5, 1976. He was feeling weak and tired one day, and the next he was dead. This would definitely retrigger trauma and worry. However, as Kat has elaborately written about in the previous post, vaccine safety is in question, motivations for wanting mass inoculations in question, and the bottom line with all of these issues is: Do we ever have a right to force someone to do anything, let alone expose their bodies to something which is risky and can be dangerous?

In 1976, Ron Paul was in his first year in congress and was one of two people (the other also a doctor) who voted against mass inoculations. But it was up for vote. A nationwide campaign for vaccination did get launched with millions vaccinated, but not only did the pandemic fail to appear, the vaccines were suspended after numerous reports of Guillian-Barre syndrome, a paralyzing neurological illness correlated with the vaccines. Ron Paul posted a video on the swine flu – his opinion that this “panic” is akin to the 1976 panic – not warranted.

An astrological signature related to epidemics and/or pandemic scares is Jupiter in aspect to Neptune. Dharmaruci writes about this Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron: Flu Pandemics and Disappearing Bees. Neptune has to do with infectious diseases and immunity in general, and Jupiter expands whatever is going on, sometimes to a point of disproportion. So, around the time of the deadly Spanish Flu pandemic we did have a Jupiter Neptune conjunction. During the SARS outbreak in 2002/2003 we had Jupiter in opposition to Neptune.

But, Neptune is also very hard to pin down and can bring illusion to a situation as well as the archetype of the individual and collective fears buried in the unconscious, possibly stemming from fears and traumas originating in another era or lifetime. Jupiter would exaggerate those fears. Neptune could create a situation that just fizzles out. This happened with the 1976 Swine Flu scare when Jupiter was trine Neptune.

We also have one now, and interestingly in Aquarius, which brings in the potential for man-made or scientifically engineered. This conjunction includes Chiron in Aquarius, which could indicate a collective wounding due to these types of influences. A fellow astrologer recently put it in one of his forums: “I'm not of the opinion that this is manipulated to forcibly vaccinate anyone...this clearly borders the extreme paranoia!” What about this "extremely paranoid" perspective of possible forced vaccinations as well as even some planned manipulation? Dr. Leonard Horowitz points out in his recent video that apparently the CDC among others helped Novavax Inc in Bethesda, Maryland to not only genetically engineer a flu essentially identical to the current outbreak but that the outbreak is perfectly timed to promote the company's new research and huge vaccine stockpiling contracts. So this also fits into the picture of holographic possibilities.

With Pluto in Capricorn, we also have the exposure of the dark side of governmental control and pharmecutical corruption, which could bring a certain healing as we wise up and just say no to what we feel violates our personal rights. You can see that there are many possibilities and it is going to as a result of our personal and collective choices.

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