Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vaccinations: Do They Really Work to Protect Against Viruses? If Not, Why are they Mandated?

PREFACE: As I mention in the following article, I began this entry approximately 6 weeks ago; before the outbreak of the ‘swine flu.’ I’ve almost been hesitant to publish this piece since the Mexican flu outbreak, because of the state of panic that most are already experiencing due to the CDC’s and the WHO’s pronouncements that the flu will reach pandemic proportions. And maybe knowing where the flu actually originates and why pales compared to the fact that it may very likely kill millions of innocent (and some possibly not so innocent) people. However, I believe that knowing this will also alert readers that it may be necessary to take what these two organizations say with a very large grain of salt.

While many of the individuals who work in both of these organizations, as well as many other medical personnel may sincerely believe that what they are saying is accurate, evidence has been provided by many other medical personnel that proves that it isn’t.

Additionally, I thought it was interesting that on Tuesday evening, April 28, 2009, NBC aired an episode of Law and Order: SVU dealing with a mother who chose not to vaccinate her child. According to law enforcement personnel, because the mother of the child who had not been vaccinated exposed another child to the measles, that child died and, therefore, the mother of the unvaccinated child was guilty of murder. Because these TV shows take at least a couple of weeks, if not a couple of months to rehearse and then film, it seems evident to me that this show being aired just at the time that the Swine Flu may become a pandemic (according to the CDC) is just a bit suspicious. Was someone at NBC aware that there would be a flu pandemic long before we ever heard about it?

While it may seem that the American Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institutes of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, the American Medical Association, the Institute of Medicine, the World Health Organization and other governmental agencies are actually attempting to protect our children by stating that compulsory vaccinations are ‘for the good of all,’ (in other words, so the rest of the population won't be infected in the case of a viral outbreak) there is a significantly increasing amount of evidence which shows that this may not be the case, since numerous cases of autism, various types of cancer, other health issues and death point to vaccines as the ultimate causal factor. Aside from the immediate health dangers presented by vaccines, could it be that the governments know that if we and our children are continually vaccinated, that when epi- and pandemics of flu or other disease strains sweep the globe, we will no longer have a natural immunity built up to withstand the onslaught of a disease which they are calling the ‘deadly’ Avian Bird and Swine Flu viruses? Could these mandated vaccinations have anything to do with ‘eugenics,’ an arguably 'legal' form of population control?

A little over six weeks ago – just before I began this segment of the AOC blog (and which was pre-empted by the blog article on the mass shootings in early April) – I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life: I was afforded the honor of witnessing the birth of my 2nd grandson. For anyone who has had this experience themselves, you know how awe inspiring it can be. Astrologer that I am, I was thrilled that I would have the opportunity to observe the exact moment of my grandson’s birth, since most of us are aware that exact birth times are so important in the construction of accurate astrological natal charts.

However, two incidents which transpired just after my grandson’s birth concerned me. The first – the determination of the birth time – wasn’t as monumental as the second event, but it nonetheless underscored the importance (for both astrological and general reasons) of an exact birth time and the fact that often, the birth times – as well as other information – listed even on ‘official’ birth certificates may not be accurate . While I was sitting directly across from and in front of the clock on the delivery room wall which clearly showed that he was born at 2:43, one of the attending nurses (who was viewing the same clock from an angle farther away across the room) stated that he was born at 2:45. Though this is only a difference of 2 minutes, as astrologers know, sometimes, even two minutes can be crucial. Additionally, I verified the time with my cell phone clock which also showed the time as 2:43. The point is: even nurses, doctors and hospitals can be in error. While many may be well-meaning, they are no less prone to mistakes than the rest of us. I worked for a hospital for 10 years, so I’m very well aware of the truth of this statement: just because the medical community tells us that something might be beneficial for us, oftentimes even they can be mistaken.

The ‘other issue,’ is the efficacy of vaccines. As the physician held my newly born grandson in her hands, one of the nurses first asked my daughter (who was way too out of it to comprehend much of anything at that point) whether she wanted her son to have a Hepatitis B vaccination. My daughter instructed the nurse to speak to her husband, who was at her side. My son-in-law looked at me, wondering what to say. Already freaking out when I heard the word ‘vaccine,’ I shook my head. All I could think was that vaccinations are lethal enough when administered to older children, but to an infant?!

Why did I advise against the administration of the vaccine, you might ask? Was I not signing my grandson’s death warrant by advising my son-in-law not to agree to his son being inoculated with a substance that has been shown to maim and kill other infants and older children given the same vaccine? I assure you dear reader, there was a method to my madness.

What if…

There were “an outbreak of a fictional Ebola-like virus…” that is so deadly it infects and inevitably kills both animals and humans within 24 hours of contact.”

What if…

The government was well aware of the presence of this virus, and moved to create an antiserum that remained secreted for over 40 years in anticipation of just such a deadly virus.

What if…

The government began a vaccination program approximately 20 years before the virus was isolated and began what would soon become a mandatory vaccination program, attempting to convince the public that it was necessary that every man, woman and child be vaccinated in the event of an outbreak such as Avian Bird or Swine Flu, HPV, HIV (AIDS) or Ebola or some other stage 4 virus, in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

What if…

The vaccine which was supposed to build up the recipient’s immune system in order to prevent the contraction of whatever disease for which they were being vaccinated, actually suppressed the immune system, thus leaving the vaccinee open to infection and unprotected, and was possibly the cause of other health issues, such as autism, ADHD, cancer and ultimately death.

What if…

The government had been covertly planning to eliminate as much of the world’s population as possible, and thus created various ‘designer’ viruses as tests and which eradicated small portions of the population at different times.

What if…

Currently, there were a ‘mysterious’ outbreak of some raging and deadly flu virus on the par of the Spanish Influenza of 1918, or even worse, the Bubonic Plague of several hundred years ago.

What if…

The reason for this outbreak was that the governments of the world released the stage 4 super-virus which had been isolated 40 years earlier, while ensuring their own safety through D.U.M.B.s or Deep Underground Military Bases and the antiserum which had been developed from the initial strain of the stage 4 super-virus 40 years previously.

What if…

This is not just the plot of a popular book by Robin Cook or a similar 1995 movie (though slightly different story line) entitled Outbreak, but a legitimate scenario.

Would you believe it? Or would you think this just another paranoid conspiracy theory?

According to Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H., in his non-fiction book Emerging Viruses, AIDS & Ebola, Nature, Accident or Intentional?, this appears to be a very real scenario. And based on the numerous vaccine-related deaths, it seems that he very well could be right. While many either remain in denial over the dangers of vaccines, or attempt to discredit and belittle individuals such as Dr. Horowitz, there’s no doubt that something is definitely going on with our government and their rush to force vaccinations. Why?

According to Dr. Tim O’Shea from California, reviewing Dr. Horowitz’s book on Amazon.com:

Emerging Viruses is a pivotal work, a landmark book. It is certainly not for the average reader, because of the technical nature of many of the medical concepts and also simply because of the overwhelming amount of information it ties together in order to support its premises. Works this meticulously researched can hardly be challenged, except by dimwits who would do so on an emotional or political level. Most likely those who do challenge Horowitz have not managed to actually read the book.

This is not some wacky conspiracy theory Dr. Strangelove whim. Horowitz has thoroughly demonstrated the plausibility and likelihood that -AIDS virus was deliberately manmade - it was deployed into populations in Zaire, New York and San Francisco - it was a longterm biological weapons project that got a little out of control - but it's OK, because the players are still in control: AIDS will bring billions in research, worthless drugs and vaccines, and political leverage.

The dynamics of vaccine development are brilliantly illuminated - the international pharmaceutical industry, the governments of the US, Germany, and England, the arms dealers, and the international banking institutions. This is the milieu in which the current vaccination program at large today in the US must be evaluated. Health, immunity, disease control, infant mortality -- these issue are secondary to the economic and political forces in play. What a shock - corruption at city hall. But this book goes beyond what even the most jaded of us have been able to put together. The entire concept of vaccines as a treatment for any disease should now be re-thought in the light of Horowitz's stunning work.
[emphasis added]

As Dr. O’Shea points out, there’s quite a bit of evidence which indicates that AIDS is a manmade virus purposely introduced into the population, and that has paved the way for the manufacture of worthless – or more accurately, deadly – vaccines. Including flu vaccines.

The Vaccine ‘Conspiracy’

What is this ‘conspiracy’ that many are talking about? It is essentially that the governments’ intention is to create designer viruses and vaccines to kill off as much of the world population as possible. This is being accomplished through the addition of thimerosal (mercury) and other toxic substances to the vaccines which have been shown to be linked to – if not directly cause – depressive and other disorders, ADD, ADHD, autism, diabetes, cancer, and death.
Although most of us are familiar with vaccines through the series of vaccinations we were ‘mandated’ to take before we entered school or traveled overseas, for the most part, neither we nor our parents were aware of not only what was in those vaccines, but the real reason behind why we were being forced to take them. In this recent MSNBC interview with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Kennedy talks about the government cover-up on the addition of thimerosal to vaccines that have been linked to autism and other health issues. He further states in his June 20, 2005 article in Rolling Stone magazine entitled Deadly Immunity, that even though the CDC, FDA, the American Association of Pediatrics and numerous immunologists and pediatricians were well aware of the effects of the dangers of these vaccines to both children and adults, no move would be made to cease distribution of the remaining stock.

Says Kennedy:

Vaccine manufacturers had already begun to phase thimerosal out of injections given to American infants -- but they continued to sell off their mercury-based supplies of vaccines until last year. The CDC and FDA gave them a hand, buying up the tainted vaccines for export to developing countries and allowing drug companies to continue using the preservative in some American vaccines -- including several pediatric flu shots as well as tetanus boosters routinely given to eleven-year-olds.

And lest one might be predisposed to believe that Kennedy’s investigative intervention into the dangers of vaccines isn’t necessarily enough to prove a conspiracy, note that:

Rep. Dan Burton, a Republican from Indiana, oversaw a three-year investigation of thimerosal after his grandson was diagnosed with autism. "Thimerosal used as a preservative in vaccines is directly related to the autism epidemic," his House Government Reform Committee concluded in its final report. "This epidemic in all probability may have been prevented or curtailed had the FDA not been asleep at the switch regarding a lack of safety data regarding injected thimerosal, a known neurotoxin." The FDA and other public-health agencies failed to act, the committee added, out of "institutional malfeasance for self protection" and "misplaced protectionism of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Yet, what happened to this report? It was buried, along with the proof that not only thimerosal, but vaccines, in general, are extremely hazardous to our children’s and our health.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, in an attempt to show that vaccines aren’t any less ‘natural’ than some other substances, Adam Finn, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom stated in the March 18, 2009 edition of the BBC News website in an article entitled, The Natural Benefits of Vaccines, that clean water is artificial and yet is quite beneficial. However, what he doesn’t say is that because of the chemical pollutants that are dumped in our waterways, oceans and rivers, it is absolutely imperative that our drinking and other potable water be filtered in order to prevent disease and in many cases, mutations caused by the chemicals which are deposited there by corporations (including pharmaceutical companies) who are blatantly ignoring the consequences to human health. And many of these chemicals are the same ingredients that can be found in vaccines.

Therefore, it’s not really the ‘natural’ state of vaccines that is the real issue here. It is the chemicals, metals and other toxic substances included as ingredients in those vaccines which are proven to cause dangerous and even deadly health issues.

Vaccine Ingredients

Vaccines contain substances other than thimerosal, however. Some of the additional ingredients are aluminum, MSG (monosodium glutamate), formalin (corpse preservative), live bacteria, viruses, monkey kidney tissues, and other toxic metals as shown below.

According to the website Vaccination Liberation.org the more extensive Toxic Vaccine Ingredients include: Varicella virus/ human diploid lung cells, Embryonic Guinea pig cell cultures, Ammonium Sulfate, Glutamate [MSG], Neomycin, Tetanus Toxoids, & Acellular pertussis endotoxin, beef heart infusion/fetal bovine serum, aluminum, formaldehyde, phenol/phenoxyethanol, polysorbate 80 (Tween 80), dry natural latex rubber, Hepatitis B virus gene / yeast protein, Diphtheria Toxoid, Tetanus Toxoid, Haemophilus influenza type b antigen, Neisseria meningitides serogroup B, Mumps virus / chick embryo culture, Rubella virus, Human albumin, Sorbitol/sucrose, Diphtheria toxoid, Streptococcus pneumonia/ soy peptone broth/ yeast, and Polio virus.

If that isn’t compelling enough, note this article that lists numerous studies which show that vaccines have been linked to AIDS, cancers/leukemia, chromosome changes leading to mutations, auto-immune diseases such as lupus, multiple schlerosis and rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, neurological disorders, autism, demyelination, seizures, convulsions, epilepsy, brain swelling, etc.

And still, no matter what evidence is brought forward to show how insanely DEADLY these vaccines are either in the short term or even the long term, there will be those who are considered an ‘authority’ in the field of vaccines (doctors, virologists, pharmacologists and even research students with various degrees) who claim that no matter how one looks at vaccines, they are, indeed, natural, as well as safe. But, again, whether they are ‘natural’ or not, the bottom line is that they are not safe; they maim and kill.

Dr. Joseph Mercola, who puts out one of the most widely read Natural Health newsletters on the Internet, has this to say in his article Big Pharma Ties Want to Shut Down Vaccine 'Conspiracy Theories' regarding the lack of efficacy in vaccines, and the governments’ claims that they are perfectly safe, while proof provided by scores of other medical professionals to the contrary is erroneous:

In the early 1980s, the incidence of autism was 1 in 10,000 births. In 2001, it was 1 in 500, and by 2005, the incidence had leaped to 1 in 250 births.

Today it is 1 in 150 births, and some estimate lower than one in 50, and still climbing.

One of the strongest links to this terrible set of disorders was a drastic change in the vaccine programs of the United States and many other countries, which included a dramatic increase in the number of vaccines being given at a very early age.

No other explanation has been forthcoming from the medical elite.

In 1976, children received 10 vaccines before attending school. Today they will receive over 36 injections. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the Center for Disease Control assures parents that it is safe to not only give these vaccines, but that it’s safe to give multiple vaccinations at the same time.

Is this true? Or are we being lied to on a grand scale?

The medical establishment has created a set of terms, which they use constantly to boost their egos and firm up their authority as the unique holders of medical wisdom -- the mantra is “evidence-based medicine”, as if everything outside their anointing touch is bogus and suspect.
But a careful examination of many of the accepted treatments reveals that most have little or no scientific “evidence-based” data to support it.

One often repeated study found that almost 80 PERCENT of medical practice had NO scientific backing!

There’s a persistent double standard when it comes to “our” evidence versus “theirs.” The proponents of vaccination safety can just say they are safe, without any supporting evidence what-so-ever, and it is to be accepted without question or opposition.

Yet, let any otherwise accomplished scientist or medical expert suggest that excessive vaccination can increase the risk of not only autism, but a host of other neurodegenerative diseases as well, and the proponents claim there’s “no supporting evidence,” despite the reams of studies showing harm is being done.
Read More Here

Sounds like Big Brother to me. But why are the governments doing this? Is it really just for money or power over other mega-corporations?

What better way to do this than to create designer diseases that create more demand for medicines that supposedly eradicate the disease the pharmaceutical companies and medical communities have created in the first place?

Yet, from all the evidence, it’s not just about money. It’s about something far more heinous and nefarious.

As of April 24th, the world was hit with the beginnings of what the government is reporting as a ‘swine flu’ pandemic. Did these cases develop naturally, or was this virus manufactured in a lab, as well?

Were Tainted Vaccines a Conspiracy to Provoke a Pandemic?

In this article dated March 26, 2009, we read:

Czech newspapers are questioning whether the shocking discovery of vaccines contaminated with the deadly avian flu virus -- distributed to 18 countries by the American company Baxter -- were part of a conspiracy to provoke a pandemic.

Because of laboratory protocols that are routine for vaccine makers, mixing a live virus biological weapon with vaccine material by accident is virtually impossible.


The fact that Baxter mixed the deadly H5N1 virus with a mix of H3N2 seasonal flu viruses may be the smoking gun. The H5N1 virus on its own has killed hundreds of people, but it is less airborne. However, when combined with seasonal flu viruses, which are more easily spread, the effect could be a potent, airborne, deadly biological weapon.


Czech newspapers are among those questioning whether this was a deliberate act to start a pandemic, and there’s even been talk of plans to use the vaccines to carry out a form of population control.
[emphasis added]

So states Dr. Joseph Mercola, of Mercola.com. What’s interesting about this incident is that for approximately three years previous to the ‘tainted’ vaccines being shipped out in December of 2008, the US government had been warning of an ‘imminent pandemic. ‘ “Any time now!” they’ve continued to warn.

Did they know something we didn’t know?

WHO Close to Declaring Swine Flu Pandemic?

On April 24, there was an outbreak of Swine Flu in Mexico, which at that time killed 60. Since then, the number of deaths has risen to (at last count) 149, with additional cases having been reported in California, Kansas, New York and Ohio, as the WHO Cites Potential for Swine Flu Pandemic and ‘Mexico’s Leader Orders Sweeping Measures as Cases Exceed 1000.’

While many are cautioning against jumping to conclusions about whether the flu virus is man-made, there may be evidence that indicates that it is just that. According to the following article dated April 22, 2009, which ran in the Frederick News Post of Frederick, Maryland, where Fort Detrick and USAMRIID (US Army Medical Research Institute for Infectious Diseases) is located:

Fort Detrick Disease Samples May be Missing

USAMRIID is the Army's top biodefense lab, where researchers study pathogens including Ebola, anthrax and plague.”

Fort Detrick is a military or government facility. Because it deals with biological weapons, the security is obviously tight. Because it houses Ebola – one of the most deadly viruses on the planet – security is even tighter. So how is it possible that someone could just waltz onto the base and ‘steal’ the viruses, which are no doubt kept in containment labs which require that anyone entering not only have the proper clearance, but would need to don a biological containment suit to prevent possible infection? Although it is possible that someone might be able to get past security, it is highly unlikely. So what does that leave? Only someone with a high enough government and/or military clearance would be able to enter the labs. Or someone was bribed.

And if the above still hasn’t convinced you:

Do Not Take a Swine Flu Vaccine!” says Patricia Doyle, DVM, PhD

Dr. Doyle says she was duped into taking the swine flu vaccination in 1976 during the last Swine Flu outbreak, and became so sick from it, that she was in bed for three months. She further states that the vaccine will do nothing towards preventing the flu. Its purpose, instead, says Dr. Doyle, is to create new genetic material, so that it can more easily infect humans. She also states that the vaccine further compromises our immune system so that the contaminants in the vaccine can further sicken us.

Interesting. This is essentially what Drs. Bill Deagle and True Ott stated in their interview with Jeff Rense just recently. As well as what Dr. Len Horowitz says.

Astrological Mapping of USAMRIID

After all that, I’m not sure that it really matters what the astrology is. However, it is interesting
to note the placements in the natal chart of USAMRIID.

The first thing that caught my attention is that

Ø Chiron (woundedness) is in Pisces (secretive, vague) at the aneretic or last degree, in the 12th house of shadows, in opposition to retrograde Pluto in Virgo in the 6th House of health. The anorectic degree is also called the degree of fate or the karmic degree, and generally indicates that the entity is close to mastering an important lesson, but hasn’t quite gotten it yet. Since this chart involves an organization, the implication is that the organization hasn’t quite gotten whatever lesson it’s needed to learn.

Ø Chiron in opposition to retrograde Pluto in the 6th house of health. Could the lesson have something to do with infectious diseases (health)? Has this happened before? Maybe not in this incarnation, but in another life? Again, because this is an organization, it’s difficult to see what other life it might have had. But the thought comes to mind that it’s possible that the US – and thus USAMRIID – is a reincarnation of Atlantis, or an organization within the Atlantean government. Based on the prevailing data, Atlantis was blown apart and sunk. But was there possibly a previous incarnation where infectious diseases were utilized against its citizenry that may have resulted in a decimation of the species? Is history repeating itself?

Ø With Chiron in Pisces, there is a lack of order within the organization. Additionally, the ruling planet for Pisces is Neptune. Neptune rules deception and disease. And with Neptune in Scorpio (more secretiveness, as well as transformation) in the 8th house (even more secretiveness, transformation and death), and square to retrograde Mercury in Aquarius in the 11th house of community, there is so much secretiveness and deception around disease and death especially when it comes to divulging information to the masses, that USAMRIID may not even be fully aware of all that’s going on within its own domain. (But then, this is a common state of existence for the military, since they exist in a compartmentalized or on a need-to-know basis.)

Ø With Uranus (shocking change, perversion) and Jupiter (expansion) in Libra, the indication is that this entity will experience an excessive amount of ambiguity. On the face of it, it almost seems as though what they’re doing is for the good of all. But covertly, the reality may be quite different.

Ø Retrograde Pluto in Virgo opposition Venus in Pisces: this aspect generally creates deep-rooted psychological problems for an individual, and no less so for an entity.

Ø Saturn in Aries opposition Uranus in Libra: interesting that this organization was established during another Saturn/Uranus transit similar to the Saturn/Uranus transit we’re experiencing now. This transit is always difficult, creating quite a bit of strain and tension for the individual. Saturn in a fire sign can be problematic at the least. But when it’s also in the first house, the entity does not hesitate to express the dark side of Saturn. In this case, Saturn may very well represent authority and fear in opposition to Uransus’ rebellion, perversion and idealism. The government really believes that what they’re doing is beneficial – but for whom?. However, the affect on the masses is anything but beneficial.

Whether or not TPTB purposely chose this ‘birth date’ for USAMRIID, it seems to fit its overall intent: to keep something that is potentially harmful or may cause woundedness (Chiron) from becoming public knowledge (12th house).

When we first conceptualized this blog, our intention was to give equal time or show the pros and cons to each conspiracy theory. But especially with the advent of this latest attempt at genocide, and with everything I’ve researched on this subject, I find very little that is redeeming.

I’ve not only watched as parents buried a beloved child who died from a vaccination side effect, but I understand the fear of the possibility of losing a child or grandchild to these deadly cocktails, and thus choosing not to vaccinate. The pro-vaxers call us ‘ignorant anti-vaxers,' and claim that we not only don’t care about our own children, but that neither do we care about others who may become infected by something with which our child or even we might expose them. But what I see is a group of clueless, though possibly well-meaning individuals who won’t take the time to look at the other side of the issue. And the other side of the issue is that if we vaccinate our children – especially now – they are more than likely going to die from the vaccination. That most of the disease for which they/we are being vaccinated are not nearly as deadly as the vaccines. What I also see is that these vaccines are just another means to bring about the deaths of possibly billions of innocent men, women and children, so that The Powers That Be can take total control of the planet and are not subject to breathing the same air as many whom they find repulsive.

Before you take the information that was presented in Law and Order: SVU as gospel, do the research. See for yourselves what is truth and what is a lie. Don’t let anyone else make up your mind for you.

However, ultimately it is up to you: is what I’ve presented here fact or fiction? You decide.

Suggested Reading/Viewing:

Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009: SPECIAL REPORT by Dr Leonard Horowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBeKB7aKzOs

National Security Study Memorandum 200: http://www.population-security.org/28-APP2.html

Why Vaccines Aren’t Safe: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/02/14/why-vaccines-aren-t-safe.aspx 44 minutes

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz’ ‘censored interview of Merck Company (pharmaceutical manufactuere) chief developer, Dr. Maurice Hilleman entitled: In Lies We Trust, the CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/01/19/the-film-about-vaccines-you-must-see.aspx 9 mins 57 secs

The Truth Behind the Vaccine Cover-up, Russell L. Blaylock, MD http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2004/09/22/blaylock-vaccine-coverup-part-one.aspx


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